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Rent Increase 2020

You will receive some information from the Association in January 2020 on the proposed rent increase for 2020-2021. By law, we are required to consult with you on the proposals.

The Management Committee are made up of local residents and they look at the budget for 2020-2021 and the plans that have been made to ensure that your home is maintained and that you continue to receive a quality service.

All the costs for the Association are considered including staffing costs, training costs, repairs and maintenance costs and this helps us to budget for next year.

The Management Committee also look at the long term financial plans for the Association to check that we have enough funds for our future proposals.

We want to ensure that rents remain affordable but we must also ensure that we are covering our costs.

Previously rent increases had been agreed using CPI inflation + 1.5%. CPI inflation is 1.7% at September 2019 and 1.5% at October 2019.

The proposed rent increase is 2.5%. The table below shows how much more, on average, tenants would have to pay per week by property size.

Property Size

2 Apt average weekly rent increase

3 Apt

average weekly rent increase

4 apt average weekly rent increase

5 apt + average weekly rent increase

Percentage Rent Increase






Consultation will include a letter; a survey via email; a survey available on the Gardeen App and a meeting for tenants. Facebook, the website and Twitter will also be updated. You can also telephone Lyndsay or John at the office if you would like to discuss the rent increase in more detail. Please get in touch.

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