Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit

You may be entitled to benefits to cover all or part of your rent. 

Please remember, as it is your rent account you are still responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid, even if you qualify for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Housing Benefit (HB) is a government subsidy administered by the local authority (Glasgow City Council), which helps people who are on lower incomes to pay their rent. If you are currently in receipt of Housing Benefit, you will pay a reduced amount towards your rent (or perhaps have no amount to pay) every month. 

Most new claimants will apply for Universal Credit however there are still some circumstances where a new claim for Housing Benefit shoud be made. We are very keen to see all those who might quality for benefit applying for it. If you are in any doubt as to whether you would qualify for Housing Benefit then you should apply to check. Alternatively, we can arrange an appointment with our welfare rights advisor to check.

Please contact Lyndsay or John at our office if you would like further information. We keep a supply of Housing Benefit application forms and can assist you to apply online.