Roslyn Crawford - Director
Lyndsay Moffat - Depute Director/Housing Manager
John Seggie - Property Services Officer
Anna Morton - Customer Services Officer
Louise Hosie - Customer Services Assistant  

As we are a small staff team we buy in expertise to help us deliver our service. This reduces our costs and we can pass these on to owners, tenants and applicants. We buy in finance and maintenance services.


We purchase a finance service from FMD Financial Services who work with us on budgeting, management accounts, annual accounts and long term projections.

David McDonald - FMD Financial Services


Tom Atkinson from Atkinson Partnerships assists Gardeen in carrying out technical inspections including dampness and consensation. He also provides technical  support to procure contractors and consultants to help us organise the planned maintenance works that include kitchens, bathrooms and windows.

Money/Benefits Advice/Energy Advisor

In partnership with Connect Community Trust, Blairtummock HA and Provanhall HA, we have appointed Elaine McIntyre as an Income Advisor.  Please contact the office on 0141 771 9590 for an appointment.

Gardeen Staff

Roslyn is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the entire organisation, and ensuring that the Committee of Management has the information they require to ensure informed decision making and compliance with the Scottish Housing Regulator.  Roslyn joined Gardeen back at its creation and continues to be committed to the Association and its aims.

Lyndsay joined Gardeen in 2008 and is responsible for managing the housing management and maintenance services of the Association. 

Anna joined Gardeen in 1995 and is currently responsible for organising repairs, monitoring gas safety, dealing with tenants and contractors and monitoring tenant satisfaction.

John started in February 2018 and assists Lyndsay in collecting rent, managing voids, estate management and all tenancy matters.

Louise started in March 2023 and provides administrative support to staff and Commitee to help deliver a local service to tenants.  

Gardeen Housing Association is a community based housing association formed by residents of the Gardeen area to radically improve their previous poor housing conditions and to continue to maintain them. We are run by local residents who have a clear idea of what is needed to make Gardeen a better place to live and to deliver a quality service to tenants, owners and applicants.  Commitee members receive support from independent technical and financial consultants to assist them in this role.  We have vacancies on the Management Committee, so if you would like to get involved, please contact us for more information on 0141 771 9590 or email