All of the information listed is available on our website (unless stated), and completely free to access online.    However, we understand that not everyone will have online access and where this is the case you can contact us to view this in our office (where this would be convenient).

If you would like a printed copy of any of the information listed, unfortunately we may have to charge a small fee to provide this.  This fee will never exceed the cost of photocopying and postage – and we will let you know any total cost before we forward this to you.  

Our charges for providing any information detailed in the guide are summarised below:





View at our office


Print in black and white

5p per A4 sheet

Print in colour

10p per A4 sheet

Memory stick


Posted document

Cost of postage incurred

If you would like to request information that we publish in a format other than online, or arrange a visit to our office to view information, please contact a member of staff at the office.