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Governance is the way an organisation is run. It is the systems, policies and processes that support the structures to deliver an organisation’s objectives. It is also the culture that surrounds an organisation and the purpose that drives its leaders.

The Association must carry out self-assessment to ensure that we comply with the Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management. We carry this out on an ongoing basis and have developed a document which details evidence that we comply.

Assurance Statement and Work Plan

Gardeen will issue an Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator in October 2019. This will confirm that we comply with the seven regulatory standards. The Management Committee held a Special Meeting on 19 September 2019 to discuss the Assurance Statement and have agreed an action plan for 2020. This will include:

 An independent Governance Review

 Involve tenants in the Business Plan

 External review of policies

 Change Rules in accordance with guidance

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