Allocations Policy Review

Allocations Policy Review

The Management Committee has carried out a review of the common housing register. We want to ensure that the service we provide ensures value for money and assists applicants.

The way applicants can apply for our homes is changing. The common housing register will end in May 2024. You will still be able to apply for re-housing however your application form will be for Gardeen Housing Association only from June 2024.

The Management Committee reviews policies on a regular basis to ensure that we operate in accordance with the law and best practice.

The policy review ensures that we comply with updates to legislation and best practice. We are only proposing to make minor changes to our policy. The changes being proposed are:

·         Amending the policy in line with new equalities guidance;

·         Foster carers are now formally included;

·         The social and support category has been amended to include applicants who are moving due to employment in the area;

·         Higher prioritisation for those applicants with no fixed abode;

·         Widening the sources applicants can request medical information from to make it easier for applicants to obtain documentation to support their application;

·         Formalising the appeals process. 

If you would like more information on the policy review, then please contact the office for a copy of our policy