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Top ten benefit related facts to assist during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

1. Those who need to self-isolate will be treated as having a 'Limited Capability for Work'.

2. This includes those who have been diagnosed as having the virus, those who are showing symptoms of the virus, and those who are having to self-isolate because someone in their household has/could have the virus.

3. Those claiming JSA or UC as a jobseeker should let their work coach know if they are self-isolating and agree a new claimant commitment.

4. UCclaimantswhoaretreatedashavinga'LimitedCapabilityforWork' (including those receiving Statutory Sick Pay) due to the Coronavirus on the day their UC is assessed will be entitled to a work allowance.

5. Statutory Sick Pay will be paid from day 1 of an employee's absence from work if self-isolating.

6. ThosenotentitledtoSSPmaybeentitledtoNew-StyleEmploymentand Support Allowance (which, if entitled, will be awarded from day 1 of their absence from work).

7. Self-employed UC claimants who have to self-isolate will have the Minimum Income Floor removed from their award whilst they are self- isolating and for the whole of the Assessment Period in which they stop self-isolating.

8. Those self-isolating who need to make a new claim for Universal Credit should contact the UC helpline to let them know that they are self- isolating - the DWP have said that they will not require these claimants to

attend the JobCentre for their New Claim Interview or Advance Payment.

9. Those workers getting Working Tax Credit are entitled to a 4 week 'grace period' where are drop in hours is ignored when considering whether or not they work the required hours to stay on Tax Credits.

10.The government has promised to give Local Authorities £500m to help workers affected by the Coronavirus to pay their Council Tax bill. At the moment we do not know any more about this fund ie who can apply, how to apply etc.

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