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Job Centre

Easterhouse Job Centre Closure As most of you will know, Easterhouse Job Centre closed its doors on 9 February 2018 and any DWP appointments will now take place in the Shettleston office. As a result, Gardeen tenants receiving Universal Credit or Jobseekers Allowance as well as those on work related Employment & Support Allowance face an extra 2 miles to travel in order to prevent possible sanctions. Claimants will possibly face longer waiting times in the centre due to extra pressure caused by fellow claimants from Parkhead and Bridgeton also having to report to the Shettleston office. The extra distance may not seem much to those with a car. However, given the mayhem caused by the snow at the end of February and start of March, a lot of claimants were at risk of having their benefits cut simply because it was more difficult to reach the Job Centre on time through no fault of their own! If you are sanctioned, please contact the office for advice on how to challenge the decision. GEMAP provide benefits advice on a Monday but please make an appointment. For those who have been claiming benefits for 3 months ask your “job coach” about the Travel Discount Card. Job Centre staff won’t always let people know about this card, so remind them if you pass 3 months of signing on, you will get up to 50% discount on bus travel. Not exactly a fortune but, in the words of a famous shop, “every little helps”. Contact Lyndsay or John at the office for more information.

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